Tuesday, August 16, 2011



Here's the first one of the projects that I made a while back.  This is Sheldon the turtle from the Winter 2006 Issue of Knitty.  I wanted to knit this adorable guy for well over a year after hearing about him on a Knit Picks Podcast and I finally cast on for him in July.  He didn't take long at all, but I had to put him aside when we left for our trip.  All that was left to do was sew the ends of the applied I-cord together and attach his legs, but those were the things I was looking forward to the least.  Once we got back, I had a big finishing weekend and got him all done in literally like an hour - so in reality, I put off doing those things that took hardly any time at all.....yes, this does seem to be a trend with me.....  Anyhoo, now that he is done I just adore him and don't think I can part with him :)  He has taken up residence on my shelf at the moment.  Here are a few more pictures:

This is what he looks like with no shell.

You can check out all the yarn info and such on my Ravelry page if you're interested.  His shell is removable and there are patterns to make "themed" shells for him so you can dress him up.  Ones like this, or this, or even this!  Cute eh?  The applied I-cord was not my favourite thing to do, but since this was my first time doing one, that might have been why.  That being said, it sorta doesn't make me want to make any extra shells for him, but who knows, I may have to do at least one more, this cowboy shell is too cute!   

Much Love, xx


  1. Sheldon is cute! How fun there are outfits for him as well! LOL.

  2. Thank you!! I know, aren't they adorable?