Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Blanket Colours Question


Today dear blog readers, I have a question to ask.  I need some help here with a baby blanket that I'm planning on making.  First, I don't know the mommy-to-be very well, so I'm not sure about her colour preferences, and she is not 100% sure what the gender of her baby is - although they are leaning toward it being a girl.  So, this morning I was planning on making a colourful ripple blanket, very similar to the one that Lucy made: The Baby Ripple.  Then, this afternoon I went to check out her registry online and found that she is doing the nursery in a "Forest Friends" theme that looks like THIS.  Now, do you think I should try to find colours similar to this and make a blanket that will match in the nursery, or should I make the colourful one since it's different?  (Also, I have to note that if the colourful one turned out to be too girly, and the baby is a boy, I have a blue, brown, and tan baby blanket already made that I was going to give instead.)  Do you think that if I make one to match the nursery that it will just blend in with all the rest of the blankets she will already have that colour-coordinated?  Or do you think if I make the colourful ripple it will clash horribly with the rest of her decor and she will never use it?  I wanted to start looking for yarn tomorrow, but now I don't know what to do.  Any help/advice would be much appreciated!!

Much Love, xx 


  1. I think you should use similar colors. like a little bit brighter than the colors in the nursery. make a darker brown a darker green etc that way it matches not clashes and doesn't blend in either

  2. Good question. I think if you intend the blanket to be used for the nursery, then use colors similar to that crib set. Otherwise, the blanket could always be used for every day traveling right - a stroller blanket &/or an infant carrier one?

  3. I would use the nursery bedding as a basis of colors. Regardless of where the blanket will be used, at least you know the parents like the colors that are in the bedding. I wouldn't stress about getting it to "match", but instead I would use it as your inspiration in picking your colors (orange, green, blue, brown, beige/cream).

    I would bet the blanket will be used every where but the nursery. Babies are about a year before they can even have loose blankets in the crib. And, typically, babies don't spend much time in their nurseries other then sleeping and diaper changes.

    What a lucky baby and mama to have you crocheting for him/her!!!! :) :) :)

  4. Thanks ladies!! I knew you all would come through for me (:

    So now the plan is to do a blanket based on these colours - fingers crossed I find the right colours of yarn tomorrow!!

    Knittingknirvana - you made an awesome point about the blanket probably not being used in the nursery for the first year, but that the reason I should choose similar colours is because they are ones that the parents like. I had just been thinking about what would make a pretty blanket, and not about what would be the best choice for the mother's personal tastes, so this was great advice!!

    Thanks again everyone for helping me out!! Getting your opinions and suggestions was just what I needed (:

  5. Glad I could help and happy to share my mommy experience. :)