Friday, August 5, 2011

Knitting On and On

Hello Again,

Ok, so I tried uploading the photos today, and for some reason it just wouldn't work.  Which is very frustrating if you ask me.  I will try again tomorrow and see what happens.  Maybe my computer needs a little sleep and it will want to work properly for me in the morning.....I can hope anyways.

In the meantime, I have been knitting the second sock of a pair I started while in Finland and I seem to have hit the "black hole" of knitting - I'm knitting, knitting and knitting......and it isn't getting any longer!  I feel like I have been knitting on the foot portion all evening (which I have!) and it's not anywhere near the toes yet!   I think I find it even more annoying than usual because I really, really want to finish off this sock tonight so I can work on something different over the weekend.  I have grand plans (as per usual) and this sock is just cramping my style!  Does this ever happen to you, and what do you do to keep plugging along and not give up? 

Well, I'm going to knit a bit longer and then head to bed. 

Much Love, xx


  1. Sorry to hear you've hit a black hole! I think when that happens for me I can do nothing but just put it down. Unless there is a deadline because it's a gift, I need to have time and space away from the project. Little projects in between those never-ending knits really help me because I feel like I'm accomplishing something AND I'm enjoying the process - not just looking for the end product.

    I hope you feel as though you've gotten some good progress on your sock tonight!

  2. Thanks for the good advice Rae Lynne!! I did end up putting it down for the night and going to bed, and then this morning I finished it off after breakfast so now it's done!! Yay!! It was much more enjoyable to knit this morning after a little break :)

  3. I feel that way w/a baby blanket. Those darn things make me so anxious.
    Take a break for it and start that new WIP you wanted to start. Then you can go back to the sock.

  4. Thanks Stef! I did find that taking a break helped :) Good luck with your baby blanket, I know it will turn out awesome!!