Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Vacation Pictures


Here's a few pictures I thought I'd share.  Have a great day everyone!!

These flowers smell so good

Pelicans flying overhead

The view from my spot on the beach yesterday

The waves were amazing!

The colour of the water is so pretty.  Doesn't it look refreshing?
 Lots of Love xx


  1. Oh my! I'm so jealous, I've been wanting to go to San Diego for so long! The view looks breathtaking! I just want to sink my feet in the sand and gaze at the ocean. Even the smell of it is relaxing...


  2. Really nice pictures. I like the pelicans!

  3. I never get that much real estate on the beach. Even here is SF, obviously not a famous beach town, when the weather is nice enough our tiny little beaches fill up pretty well.