Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bullet Tuesday

Hello Knitters,

Since I'm not up to writing a full post I thought I'd do something a little different today. A while back I seen a post on Anna Maria Horner's blog where she just did bullet points and thought that would be the perfect thing. So here we go!!

  • I got baptized on Sunday and it was wonderful!
  • I've begun to work on my Christmas gift making list.
  • Susan B Anderson is having a sweater knit-along over at Spud Says! that I wanted to join didn't because I have too many projects on the go right now. (But if you're able to, you should join!)
  • After a lot of praying, I learned to crochet the other night when I couldn't sleep. (I'm left handed so it was making it a challenge to figure out.)
  • Now I want to crochet more!
  • Looked in an instruction book and found out I was actually doing the stitches wrong, or as the book called it, "the lazy way."
  • Will now be working on correcting my lazy crocheting....
  • My wrists are hurting, so it's taking time away from my knitting and crocheting :-(
  • Trying to figure out if there is some way to wrap my wrists so that I can at least do some small amounts of knitting....
  • Found out that typing doesn't really help the whole pain thing!
  • Need to find a project for a special someone that I can get done in a jiffy.
  • I'm searching Ravelry at the moment....hopefully something will pop up.
  • I like the new Ravelry search, but find it can be super slow to load sometimes.
  • Sorry if things seem a little random....I'm just writing what comes into my head.
  • I finished 5 preemie baby hats!!
  • Maybe that's why my wrists hurt?
  • Found out there are an abundance of babies coming to knit for!!
  • Is there anything more fun than new babies and new knitting opportunities? I think not.
  • Our dogs have mange....that they caught from a fox....didn't even know that was possible....yes, they've been treated.
  • Am now wishing I hadn't made jokes about the "mangy fox"....
  • Didn't know there was such thing as a "Speed Hook", I think I need to check that out!
  • I think I could use to some tea, maybe it will help my wrists....I can hope can't I?
  • Going to make tea for me and Mom - I'm going to surprise her with it since she is outside watering flowers....Have a great evening everyone!!

Happy Knitting!!

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