Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Busy, Busy as a Bee

Hello Knitters!!

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was good, busy, but fun. The family dinner we had with my sister's future in-laws went great. They are some seriously awesome people. And his Mom is a crafter (she does the most amazing stained glass you have ever seen!) and she used to knit! What could be better, a fellow knitter soon to be part of the fam!! We all got along very well, and it was a ton of fun :-) My sister is very lucky to be getting such great in-laws.

Sunday was a busy and hetic day. I was asked to bake a cake for my Uncle's birthday, which was on Sunday. So Saturday I baked the cake part, and then Sunday all I had to do was make a truffle filling and then the ganache icing, and assemble it. Well, I got all that done, and was just starting making bread, when my Mom said she thought the cake tasted a little on the dry side and wasn't very good. (I had made her a tester cake, with the little bits left over) So we both thought that it wasn't fit to send, and that I should make another one. This was about 2:30 in the afternoon, and the cake needed to be at their house by supper time. So while I was making the bread, Mom and I whipped up another chocolate cake, and chocolate fudge icing and I quickly assembled it and got it out the door just in time. The good news was that he liked the cake! Bad news...the next day my Mom tasted the cake again, this time she had a piece of the real one, and found out that it was quite good and not dry like the tester cake. I came to the conclusion that since I made the tester out of the leftover pieces, it was probably those parts that were dry, and not the acutal cake. So lesson learned there! Since it's a truffle cake, it lasts for almost a week, so we're going to give pieces of it away today to numerous relatives and neighbours. To make me feel better about it, Mom told me it wasn't really a "man's" cake but more of a woman's, so the one I made for my Uncle was a better one for him. lol

Yesterday Dad was going to stop by here with some people from work that were visiting from up north, so I decided to make a coffee cake to have on hand for them to snack on when they came. Well when I got up in the morning, Emmie (the yorkie) was sick, we think she got some chocolate off the floor the day before, and my Mom had to go to the Pancake House for brunch with my Grandma who was coming down with her retirment home, so that left me to look after the dog, bake the cake, and get myself cleaned up, all before Dad came by with these people. It was quite the morning, but I managed to get the coffee cake baked while Mom was sitting with the dog, then I sat with her while Mom got ready. When she left for the Pancake House, I got myself cleaned up and then spent the rest of the morning rubbing Emmie's tummy and sitting with her in the sun. By the time Mom got home, Emmie was doing better, but so much of the day was gone that I thought it was pointless to start working on baking, plus I didn't want to mess up the kitchen I had just cleaned if people were coming over! So I started a knitting project, more about that later... Dad finally showed up, but not till amost 6:00, and they had just all eaten dinner so no one was hungry for cake. After they left I decided to package up the cake and I sent it with Dad today for his men in the shop, they can have it at coffee break time. So needless to say, yesterday seemed like a wasted day with not much accomplished. Although I did finish my knitting project!

Since Easter is coming up soon, and I know I will be swamped with baking, I thought I should knit something that was Eastery while I had the chance. The other day my Mom bought me the book Knitted Toy Tales by Laura Long, and I instantly wanted to knit the Bunny family! They are so cute! I started out knitting the Mummy bunny, but didn't have enough yarn to complete her, so I ripped out, and made one of the babies instead. I made him out of Plymouth Yarn Oh My! so he's super soft. I'd like to make him a Mummy and sister, like in the book, but I don't think the yarn store where I got the Oh My! carries it anymore. I'll have to call and see. He was a cute, fast, fun knit, and I really like how he turned out. He is sitting her on my desk making me feel Eastery :-)

Today my Aunt Rita and Uncle Lynn are coming down from the city to have a late lunch at the Pancake House, and they are brining their two grandsons who are on March break this week. I think Mom and I are going to pop up there for a bit to have a visit, so I don't know how much is going to get accomplished today either! I have a feeling, come the end of the week, I'm going to be super busy trying to catch up from these two days! I should go and hop in the shower and get myself ready to go. I hope you all have a wonderful week, and I will try my best to get back here soon!

Take care!!

P.S. By the way, I got my Easter swap present all finished and sent out, it should arrive at its destination today!! Then I will post a picture of two things I made for it. I really hope she likes it! :-)

P.P.S. My Dad didn't get the bowl of potato salad, but he did get the two blueberry pies!

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