Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ravelympics 2010 Begins!!!

Hello Knitters,

How was everyone's Ravelympics opening ceremony cast-on last night? Mine was great! I started my Be Mine Socks. So far, it's going well, although I'm finding it a lot slower and more tedious than if I was knitting on dpn's. I think it's going to take me a bit to get used to the two-at-a-time method. However, it will be nice to have both done at the same time!

Since I'm the only knitter participating in the Ravelympics at my house, I cast-on by myself...I did watch the ceremonies with my Mom and sister though, which was nice. I must say, way to go Canada!! I think we did a great job!! It made me proud to be a Canadian, and I will honestly admit, I even shed a tear or two. But anyways, this morning I was explaining to my Mom about the cast-on parties other knitters had and she thought since I didn't have any knitting buddies, I should at least have some very enthusiastic cheerleaders. So she and my sister came up with the idea of making signs for the Itty Bitty Knittys group to help cheer us on.

They thought it only appropriate to don their Nordic ski sweaters, hats, and mittens (made by my amazing knitter Grandma...she's Finnish) and climb the biggest snowbank in our yard (to look like they were on the mountain) and do some cheering. "Whooo Hooo!!!"

Then, they came up with the idea of running with the torch to light the cauldron (my Mom has always wanted to run with the torch, it's been a lifelong dream of hers, so this was the next best thing!!). Here they are running down the lane, passing the torch.

Here comes Mom!!!

Now it's my sister's turn.

Then they got the bright idea of having two torches like in the real Olympics so they could light the cauldron in unison. (by the way, the torches are made from construction paper cut to look like flames which are taped to US 19 wooden knitting needles...keeping in the spirit of the games.)

We like fire in our family, so they thought it was a good idea to actually light their paper flames on fire and light the cauldron (which is our outdoor stove).

So as you can see, it's been a very eventful and creative day here today. I can't wait to see what they have planned for tomorrow! All you Itty Bitty Knittys out there, know you have two very excited supporters here cheering us all on!!

"Whoot Whoot"


  1. Wow. I really like that! Auntie Lisa and Sayja look great in their sweaters. Perhaps someday I will be able to knit as well as your Grandma. Which reminds me....remember when we (you, me, and Sayja) went cross-country skiing??????

  2. Oh my goodness!!!! Your mother and sister are absolutely AWESOME!!! And those sweaters!?!?!?!? GORGEOUS!!! Please thank them for me. That was so much fun to read through and look at the pictures. LOVE IT!!!! :) Suzanne (knittingknirvana)

  3. Thanks Suzanne, I will let them know :-) They had a ton of fun doing it!

  4. Oh yes Theresa-Lynne!! I will never in all my years forget that! :-) I've never seen anyone in that position on skis before in my life!

  5. HI! I love your blog! I casted on my ravelympics item this morning! I was too tired to start using dpts since I've never done anything on them before. I ended up quitting and taught myself how to magic loop my mittens instead. I also cheated and made it fingerless. I actually think they look much more trendy. I'll start the other one tomorrow! I can't wait to see how your socks come out!

  6. Thanks so much emxlenie! ohh I love fingerless gloves!! That's awesome you taught yourself how to magic loop your mittens and have already got one done...way to go! I bet they look gorgeous :-) Keep up the good work!