Saturday, February 27, 2010

Busy Weekend

Good Morning,

What a beautiful day it is here today! The sun is shining, and the snow is melting off the roof...feels like the beginning of Spring! I'm so sorry I haven't posted as regularly as I had planned. We've been busy around here! Lots of trips into the city lately. We had to take our Lab to the vet on Thursday to get a staple in her leg checked, then Friday I had a doctor appointment, and we went wedding dress shopping with my sister...which went very well. She might have even found "the dress"! She's going to do a little more looking around still though, but it is gorgeous! I tried on some bridesmaid dresses as well, but we didn't find much that suited our tastes. We need to do some more looking around for sure in that area! Today we are going to look through the engagement photos of her and her fiance that they got taken the other day, and I need to do some baking, finish off my elefante, and find a bit of time to have a "girls day" with my sister. Now that I've written it all down, I think I might have to move a few things to tomorrow to fit it all in!

I'm also planning on setting up a sewing/knitting area in my bedroom so that I can have everything right handy when I need it. I'll try to post some pictures when I have it all done. It will be so nice to have an organized craft area. I can hardly wait to get started!

I did finally finish my Be Mine Socks!! I will try and post a better picture soon since it's sunny out today, I can get a better shot. I'm SO glad to have them done. They feel like little clouds on my feet! But I do not think I would do the two-at-a-time method again. Actually, I think I will do an experiment, and try a different pair of socks on dpns and then judge if I think it's a faster way or not. That would be the best idea I think, and then I get an excuse to knit more socks!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and a great finish to the Ravelympics!! I will hopefully have some closing ceremonies pictures to share with you all on Monday.

Happy Knitting!!

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