Saturday, February 6, 2010



Today I will get back to my update of what has been going on here over the last few weeks....One of the most exciting things that happened was my sister got engaged!! Her boyfriend of two years proposed last Saturday. We are all very excited, although not nearly as much as she is. I call her my little lovestuck-bride-to-be..this is where I got the name for the Lovestruck pattern! When I finished him and seen his little love eyes, he reminded me of her! I couldn't think of a more appropriate name.

W are now into the planning phase. I've adored weddings since I was a child, and this one will be the first for my immediate family. Since busy season is starting at her work, she's asked me to be co-planner with her (as well as her maid-of-honour!!). I'm very honoured and excited! So far the date is set for October 23rd. We are praying for a beautiful fall!

The picture up above is of the cupcakes I made for her when she got engaged. I put little wedding rings tied together with ribbons on each one. Whenever something exciting happens, I feel the need to bake something!

I have a feeling we will be in "wedding mode" here for the next so many months! I hope you all don't mind my occasional wedding related talk! I'll try to keep it to a minimum!

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend, I will be back on Monday with a continuation of the update!

Take care!

P.S. hop on over here to check out a free pattern preview on Spud Says! Too cute!!

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