Thursday, August 1, 2013

"Vintage" Tea Towels


At the beginning of the week I stitched up these tea towels for my cousin L's bridal shower gift.  The invitation said to bring a recipe for the bride-to-be, so I thought what could be more perfect than tea towels with recipes embroidered on them.  I found these designs from Pattern Bee, which is an online shop specializing in vintage embroidery patterns.  I purchased the PDF downloads since I wanted them right away, but you can also choose to get them in iron-on transfers which I thought was neat.  There are two more designs in this collection - Strawberry Jam and Chicken a la King that I haven't stitched up yet.  I need to get some more tea towels first.  I also purchased this bluebird collection.  I couldn't help myself since they are just so adorable!  There are tons of sweet patterns available, I know I will be shopping here again for sure.  I've had a fascination with vintage linens and designs since I was a little girl so finding this website was like finding a gold mine to me.  I can hardly wait to stitch up some more!

xoxoxxo, R


  1. I love your tea towels! Thanks for the info on the shop site. -Jules