Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Little Tweet Cloth - Dishcloth Challenge #2
Rosey the Critter
Orange Blossoms Dress
Best Baby Cloche #1
Best Baby Cloche #2
Marching Elephants Baby Hat
Pastel Marley Baby Hat
Added a crocheted flower on top instead of the curly-q's
Dream Catcher Baby Boy Hat
Opal Socks
Radiant Shawl
Whoo Loves Ya Baby Dishcloth - Dishcloth Challenge #3
Nel the Tiny Owl
Owl Ornament


  1. You are awesome. Thought I'd share.

    1. Aww, thanks so much Renee Anne! You are too sweet!

  2. Alright, there's just too much cuteness in that post!! After seeing your first couple projects, I was going to comment on how much I liked them, especially that Tweet cloth, but then the pictures kept coming! You've been busy! I love that you changed the Marley hat to include flowers on the top instead of the curls. That's such a sweet idea for a hat. And I'm really impressed with your Elephants Marching hat. You've really got colorwork down. I struggle so much with long floats...

    And the buttons on that last owl are the perfect thing for the eyes. You're so talented! :)

    1. Thanks Rae Lynne! I've had fun finishing up my projects and making these. It's been nice to have a steady stream of creativity coming from me after feeling like it was stifled for so long. For the Marley hat I added the flower because I was too lazy to make the curls! lol I've still got a ways to go with the colourwork. The hat looks cute in the picture but it came out a bit too small due to my lack of stranding loosely enough. It was a fast knit though so I can always make it again when I'm better at it! When I seen those buttons in the button jar I knew they were perfect for this little owl! She's going to be flying off to her new home soon :)

  3. These are terrific! I can't believe how busy you've been. I especially love the marching elephants hat and your Marley.

  4. i haven't been up to date on my blog readings and i'm so glad i decided to read through yours and catch up. I love love love your marley hat. i was looking for a hat to knit my daughter (cause she doesn't have enough) and that has to be the next one. i love it! off to find similar colors in my stash!