Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Socks, Mittens and a Dress


Wow, I have really been slacking in the blogging department lately.  I'm so sorry about that.  I hope to be back to myself here soon and back to posting regularly as well.

After my last post and with no WIPs left to finish up, I cast on for a new pair of socks using some gorgeous yarn my swap partner Richelle sent me in the Itty-Bitty Group's Mini Valentine Swap.  It's Alcidina Skyward Special Edition and the colourway is Destiny.  This yarn company is really neat because they base their colours on images from the Space Station.  I wanted to be an astronaut when I was little, so I found this particularly thrilling.  The results were this:

Destiny Socks
The yarn came with a larger skein for the leg and foot portion and had a little mini skein as well to do the toes and heels.  I thought that was such a neat idea!  I'm so happy with these, they're just gorgeous!

I also made a couple other projects over the weekend:

Hippi Hot Baby Dress
These little baby dresses seem to be my go-to crochet projects lately.  They're so cute and fast!

Lollipop Mittens
My friend Julie gifted me the Waiting for Winter Mittens and Fingerless Gloves pattern a couple weeks ago, which I have been wanting to try since it first came out, and I finally got the chance to knit myself a pair.  I used Knit Picks Chroma in Lollipop (my favourite!) so they would match my favourite hat that my sister knit for me out of the same colour.  Now I have a matching set!!

Well, I hope that you are all having a great week and that you're staying warm and dry where you are.  We're in the middle of a snowfall warning right now, and I can honestly say I'm totally enjoying it!



  1. I have been a silent reader for a very long time, your posts are what led me to Ravelry actually! I just wanted to say I always love your posts and your knitting is gorgeous!

    1. I'm so glad you commented Zoey! I hope you're enjoying Ravelry, it's just the greatest place! Thank you so much, it's wonderful to know that others are enjoying my posts and I find it so much fun to share with you all what I'm working on :)

  2. The lollipop mitts are fun! Thank you for informing us about the space yarn. I made sure to Pin that Etsy shop. I love how you get main yarn for the big sock parts and little ones for the heels and toes. That's so cool.

    1. Your welcome, I hope to purchase some yarn from them in the future, they have the neatest colours!