Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...


I wanted to share a couple of pictures from yesterday.  We had snow squalls all throughout the morning and early afternoon, and I tried to catch a few snowflakes to show you.  It was like a swirling winter wonderland out there.  These are taken from my bedroom window looking out over the lake.

As you can see from this one, the snow is adding up.  Although, I've heard it might rain this weekend and it's going to warm up again, so this all might be gone in a few days.  I was lamenting that fact to Mom last night, and she said, "Don't worry, it will come back."  Which is true, it always does.

And during all this snow storm business, Bingley hunkered down for a nice long nap on my bed.  He really enjoys going outside, but he is not a fan of the snow.  I think he's made a wise choice here.  It's nice to look at through the window, but I don't want to be out in all that blowy weather either.



  1. What a wise and lucky kitty!
    The last time I was in Tahoe, CA I had a snowflake flutter onto my hand and boy was it cool to see it looked like how cartoons portrayed them.

    1. They really are neat to see up close, especially the big ones!