Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wedding Favours

Bride Truffle Pops
Groom Truffle Pops
These are the wedding favours I made for Josh and Sheena's wedding.  They're bride and groom truffle pops, just like the cake pops, but made from vanilla truffles instead of cake, because that's what Josh requested.  They're were a bit tedious, but worth the effort with how cute they turned out.  I'll have to snap a picture of how Sheena packaged them, they look adorable!



  1. OMG they're gorgeous Armida!!! You ARE such a pro!

  2. These are beautiful.... what a great job you've done! I feel like getting married again just to have these favours~!~ You've an elegant hand.

  3. Those truffle pops look amazing!! How talented you are!