Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Some Baby Shower Gifts


A few of my sister's friends have either had a baby recently or are having one soon, so I made a couple of gifts for them.  The first one is an adorable little crochet short sleeved cardigan for a baby girl due in the fall.  I made a bigger size, so she can wear it probably next spring.  The pattern is from Crochet Today! magazine, and was very fast and fun to make.

I've talked about this blanket before, but I finally got those ends wove in and it washed, so here's a completed picture:

This was a very, very quick project!  I fully enjoyed working on it and the yarn washed up nice and soft so I think it will be just the thing to wrap up a little one in.  The baby who this is for was born a couple of weeks ago, and she's a little girl named Olivia.  She has a big sister who I didn't want to feel left out, so I crocheted up this pink and purple fish for her.

This is of course a Stacey Trock pattern and I can't say enough about how cute and fun her patterns are.  I bought the whole Rainbow Amigurumi collection of 7 patterns and I can hardly wait to make more of them, especially Tipper the Tiny Crab and Ro the Tiny Monster.

Well, that's all for today.  I'll have to get packing since I'm heading back home this evening.  I'd appreciate lots of prayers over the next couple of days as I make the wedding cake and for the whole family for the wedding on Friday.  It's hard to think our little Josh is all grown up and even old enough to get married!!  I'll do my best to take pictures so I can share the whole day with you all.....I need to find a bigger purse to fit my camera in!



  1. That dress is a-dor-a-ble!! I love the way the skirt on it looks.

    Your crocheting is so good. That's something I would love to learn to improve on as so many patterns I like I put to the side because I'm just not sure I have the skills yet.

    What would you recommend, or say is the best way/best project to become better? (Obviously practice, practice, practice!...I just have such a hard time remembering stitches and symbols and crochet abbreviations...)

    1. Thanks Rae Lynne! I'm still learning with crochet a lot, but I think as long as you understand the instructions, pretty much anything is good for helping you become better. I think it's just about practicing, like you said. I know doing baby blankets has been fun for me, but also any of the toys are great as well. I highly recommend FreshStitches patterns, Stacey does a great job at explaining exactly how to do everything in the pattern and she has lots of helpful tips on her blog. Also, doing any kind of baby outfit without much shaping is a good way to learn new stitches without committing to something big. Cowls and shorter scarves would also be good :) I hope that helps!!

  2. These are such lovely gifts! The recipients are so lucky to get these.