Wednesday, October 12, 2011

North Cape Shawlette Pattern

"Trust the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths."
Proverbs 3:5-6

This shawlette was part of a KAL I did here on the blog over the summer while I was on a trip of Scandinavia.  The "main event" was getting to see the midnight sun from the most northern part of Europe, hence the name.  The pattern is more like a recipe of sorts so you can use the yarn you'd like and make it as big or small as you wish.  I thought I'd put it all together on one page for easy access and printability.  It will also be listed on My Designs page.   


Yarn: Wisdom Yarns Poems (100% Wool; 50g/1.75oz; 100m/109yds per ball), 2 balls in your selected colourway (I'm using #589)  - This yarn is worsted weight and has long colour repeats similar to Noro, but you can substitute any type of yarn you would like.  I think this would look great in a solid colour as well.

Needles: US 11 (8mm) 40" circulars - or any size/length that works for you.  *Note: I'm a tight knitter, so I went up to the US 11 to make sure that I would get a nice drape to the fabric.  (The yarn I'm using calls for a US 8 (5mm) needle to get a guage of 18 sts x 23 rows = 4" in stockinette stitch.)  Choose any size of needle that will give you the fabric you want for your shawlette.  I suggest doing a little test swatch with a few different sizes of needles to see which you like best.  I also chose to use a 40" length because I didn't want my stitches all bunched up on the cable and I wanted to be able to see how the shape is progressing as I knit.  Feel free to use whatever length of cable you are comfortable working with.

Guage: There is none!!  This shawlette is completely for you to customize!!  You can knit it to be as tight and cozy, or as loose and drapey as you like.

Tools: stitch markers, yarn needle, scissors, tape measure, and crochet hook size K (6.5mm).     
Abbreviations:k - knit
kfb - knit into the front and the back of the stitch
pm - place marker
sm - slip marker
st(s) - stitch(es)

Cast on 3 sts

Row 1: kfb, k1, kfb = 5 sts.

Row 2: K across.

Row 3: (kfb) twice, k1, (kfb) twice = 9 sts.

Row 4: K across.

Row 5: (kfb) twice, k1, kfb, pm, k1, pm, kfb, k1, (kfb) twice = 15 sts.

Row 6: K across.

Row 7: (kfb) twice, knit to 1 st before marker, kfb, sm, k1, sm, kfb, k to last 2 sts, (kfb) twice.

Repeat Rows 6 and 7 until the shawl is your desired size.  Keep in mind that you will need a fair amount of yarn for the edging since it is crochet and crochet uses more yarn than knitting does, so make sure to leave enough yarn for it.  (I say this because I ran out of yarn and it just doesn't look good that way....)

Once your shawlette is the size you want, bind off loosely leaving the last loop on the needle.


Crochet hook: K (6.5 mm)

Abbreviations:Ch - chain
Sc - single crochet
Skp - skip
St(s) - stitch(es)
Dc - double crochet
Transfer the last loop on the needle to your crochet hook and turn the work so you will be crocheting through the stitches you just bound off.

Row 1: ch 1, sc in next 2 sts, *ch 5, sk 1, 3 sc* repeat to last 3 sts; ch 5, sk 1, 2sc. (If you don't have the exact amount of stitches at the end, that's ok.  I had to do a little fudging by skipping 2 instead of 1 at the end before the last two sc.  It really doesn't show or make much difference.)

Row 2: ch 1, sc 1, *(4 dc, ch 2, 4 dc) in ch-5 space, sc in central sc of 3 sc*, repeat till last sc, sc in last stitch.

Bind off and weave in ends.  Enjoy!!

If you'd like to read about how this design came about, you can read here, here,  here, and here.

Disclaimer: This pattern is for personal and gift use only and may not be sold in paper or knitted form.  Selling the item for charity or fundraising purposes with all proceeds going to the charity is always welcome.  Thank you!!

Designed By:
Armida Joy


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