Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Quick Sewing Project

Good Morning Knitters,

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend! The weather here is gorgeous today - sunny and warm :-) I'm hoping to get a chance to spend some time outdoors this afternoon.
I wanted to blog yesterday, but I ended up reading a book and relaxing for most of the day. I was tired, and thought it best to just take it easy. By the evening though, I was feeling quite bad that I hadn't really gotten anything done other than my 30 minutes of knitting that I did in the morning. I decided to find a quick project to work on and ended up choosing the "Laptop Sleeve" from One-Yard Wonders. I started working on this around 7:00 pm and finished it up by 11:30 pm. It was so much fun and something that my little Netbook really needed. I used some of the fabric that I got on sale at Fabricland a few weeks ago and I really like how it turned out!

I know it's something that is going to get a lot of use!!

Yesterday morning during my 30 minutes of knitting for the Tour de Fleece, I finished the first of my lacy anklets. I can honestly say that for some reason or other I have no desire whatsoever to work on the second sock! This is not a good thing since I made a goal of finishing these before I start another you think if I knit on them for 30 minutes every day and then once that time is done I could work on something else? Or you do think it'd be best to just knit away on them and get them finished up as quick as I can??

This is a close-up of the edging on the top of the sock. I still need to block it so that the lace part shows better, but I thought I'd wait for the other sock and do them both at the same time. I'm still not sure if I'm going to put a button closure on it yet like in the picture. Since the original pattern is for a child's sock, I thought I should think about that one. I don't want these to look too "little girl-ish".

Jumping to the Teddy Bear Picnic swap progress - my yarn for my swap partner's kit arrived yesterday!! Now I'm just trying to find a way to cleverly package it up to resemble a kit. This is going to take a little thinking.... I'm really happy with the yarn though, it looks perfect for the pattern. I also ordered a little something extra special for my partner ;-) The rest of the yarn for the next part of the swap is still not quite here. It is sitting across the river at the post office facility and has not been delivered yet to the place where I can pick it up. My Mom went across yesterday and brought the one yarn order back but this one was just not quite there. I was really hoping it would be because I want to get started on some of the knitting. I think Mom said she is going across the river again sometime next week, so she'll pick it up then. It's hard to wait!! My passport expired at the end of last month, so I can no longer cross the boarder until I get my renewed one, which I'm praying gets here before the end of the month when my sister is planning on going to Traverse City for a fitting for her wedding dress. I so want to go too, especially since there is a yarn store there. I told Mom that if my passport isn't back by then, I'm sending her with a detailed list of what I would like! lol I'm so lucky to have a Mom that totally gets my yarn issues!! I love her so much and she's so awesome!!

Well, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, I'm going to have some lunch then figure out my plan for the day. I know my sister is doing wedding things but I need to decide what I'll do.

Happy Knitting Everyone!!

P.S. Thanks everyone for all the sweet comments about my dress! I can't wait to actually geto to wear it :-) You guys are so awsome!!


  1. Your laptop sleeve looks fantastic! :) Becka

  2. Love that Fabric!
    I would just hurry up and finish the sock. It's best to just get it done and then you feel so much better with yourself.