Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Belated Canada Day!!

Hello Knitters,

I know I said I was going to be back on Wednesday with a picture of me in my dress I sewed, but you know what, I forgot my camera at home when we went to the graduation! My Aunt did get a picture of me, so hopefully I can get a copy from her and share it with you soon. I wanted to write on Wednesday and update you all, but I wasn't feeling very well, so I just laid low and relaxed. Yesterday was super busy, I baked bread and worked on various things and before I knew it the day was done! So here I am today :-) Ready to share a few projects.

First off, last Sunday after I finished my Seaside socks, I began another pair of socks using Knit Picks Felici Fingering weight in Positively Pink. I'm using a pattern written for a child's sock and adjusting it to fit my feet. I really liked the design and wanted to have a pair of my own! So far it's working out. I've gotten to where I'm about to start the heel. These are anklets so I can wear them even on warmer days. Here's a picture:

The next thing I wanted to show you all is the finished project bags for the giveaway winners. They are now all ready to go. I'm hoping to mail them out on Monday. I thought it best to wait till after the holidays to send them out.

And last, but certainly not least is my most current project. It is a Wrap-Me-Up Puppy from Itty Bitty Toys. I'm making it for a special someone and will reveal more once it's complete. I started this on Wednesday, but soon realized I forgot my fiberfill at home last week, so this evening my sister and I are going to Fabricland to look for wedding related material, and I thought I'd pick up a bag while there so I can get this little one finished soon. I also hope we get a chance to go to Walmart so I can pick up a ball of cotton yarn to make the blanket with since I don't have any colours that I want for it here. My goal is to have this done by the end of the weekend.

Yesterday was Canada Day here. We didn't do anything exciting, but I'm hoping that on the weekend we will be able to have some sort of a celebration. I'm thinking of combining Canada Day with the Fourth of July since part of my Dad's family lives in the States and I feel like I have a small little bit of American on the inside of me :-)

I hope everyone is having a lovely start to the long weekend. Take care to be safe and enjoy the festivities!!

Happy Knitting!!


  1. Those bags are so beautiful, I'm thrilled. Thanks again. WIth Canada Day and Independence Day so close, I always think of July 2nd and 3rd as "borderless" holidays.

  2. Those bags are great! I like to make my own project bags as well. I´m hoping to get another finished this weekend since it´s just me a M ate home.
    Happy 4th since I am posting this late.

  3. I agree with you One Sheep, the 2nd and 3rd do seem like borderless holidays :-)

    Thank you Olof! It's a lot of fun to make your own project bags isn't it? I like being able to customize them to the size and fabric that I like.