Friday, November 20, 2009

Another "Little Blessing"

Hello Knitters,
Well, here's my news I was talking about the other day; one of my cousins is having a baby in December and they are having a baby shower for her next weekend. I was just informed this last week and have been working on some projects since. The first thing I made was the Sheep Comfort Blankie from Natural Knits for Babies and Toddlers by Tina Barrett. I knit it in Patons Astra, however, I find it a bit stiff and not as soft as I would like, so I think I'm going to try washing it and see if that softens it at all. I sure hope so anyway. The second thing I'm working on is a pair of baby leggings, you can find the pattern here. I have one almost done, and so far I think they're going to be quite cute. I was listening to the KnitPicks' podcast #96: Knitting for Little Ones. And the ladies on there who had babies were recommending knitting baby leggings because they are easy to put on the baby, and not have to take off like you do with pants when changing their diaper. It sounded like a good idea, so I thought I'd give it a try. The yarn I'm using is Patons Kroy Socks in Paint Box. My Mom picked out this one because she loves the colour of it, and I do too. They're 80% sure it's a boy so I think this is a perfect, fun colour.

I've also got a picture to share with you of a little knitted cutie!

How adorable eh? This is the Egg to Bluebird and a Little Nest, Too from Susan B. Anderson's latest book Itty-Bitty Toys. I mentioned before that I was making it for one of the little girls on my Christmas List. Her name is Emma, and she has a huge imagination, which I just LOVE! I had a big imagination too when I was a little girl, in fact, I think I still do. Anyways, the last time I seen her, she was telling me about this little (imaginary) bird that she had in her hands. It was the cutest thing ever. So I thought that I would make her a little bird of her very own. I think she'll enjoy the fact that this little guy can hatch from an egg right in her hands. It was so much fun to make and I especially enjoyed the part where I got to sew it together and try it out for the first time. I think he has his own little personality, and I love that! It's so much fun to make a "little friend" with your own hands.

Well, I should be going, I've gotta get working again on the baby leg warmers. I hope everyone is enjoying this lovely weekend!

Take care!

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