Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Wedding Weekend

Hello All!!

I am back from a weekend away at the wedding. Everything went great. It was a beautiful ceremony full of love, and the happy couple were surrounded by the people who are most important in their lives. It was just such a wonderful time.

I took lots of pictures to document the trip. Since we were driving even farther north than where we live, I got to see a lot of different scenery. The trees were so green and lush up there, I was amazed.
We stopped at Agawa crafts and Canadian Carver along the way to do a little shopping. I got the cutest pair of moccasins!!

We stopped in Wawa for a coffee break at the only Tim Horton's that I know of between here and there. This is a picture of the giant goose when you first come in to the town. There are three more, and I'm not sure what they have to do with Wawa, but the sign for the town has a goose on it so it must have some significance.

They also have moose up there in abundance. I found out though, that they are very shy creatures and do not like to have their pictures taken. I tried and tried, and the best picture that I got was the one that leaped across the road in front of us. I kept getting pictures of a moose bum as it walked into the bush. There even was one right by the side of the road, and when we stopped he actually hid behind the only tree that was there, just so I couldn't get a good shot!! We ended up seeing 9 moose, 3 which were babies, on the way up and 2 adults on the way back. They also have a lot of bears up there, but we never seen any. We did however have 4 around our Bed & Breakfast that prevented us from going outside in the dark since on of them was quite bold. We did see a video that the groom's sister took after the wedding of a bear standing on top of the bakery dumpster downtown, and judging by the look and size of him, I'm glad we didn't see any!!

It was such a fun time of getting together with family. The day of the wedding, my Mother and I went over to the house to help get things set up for the reception and then we headed off to decorate the church. After that, we came back, and realized everyone needed to get ready for the cerimony! Time got a litte bit away from us, and the bride, her family, and my Mother and I ended up being a tad late...but isn't the bride supposed to be late?? It seems to be sort of a tradition!
My dress turned out great and matched the bride's colours perfectly. I had to do some last minute pinning to make it fit perfectly, but it looked very nice.

The cake turned out well, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. The bride even said it was just what she was hoping for. So mission accomplished!!

We spent the evening having a lovely homemade meal made by the bride's Mother, and ended the night with a bonfire in their backyard.

All in all it was a beautiful wedding and a wonderful weekend trip. It was nice to spend time with my cousin and her family, and to see her house and the town she lives in. It was a ton of fun getting to know the groom and his family and reminiscing over old times. I fully enjoyed myself as did everyone else. I wish the couple a happily ever after!

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