Monday, July 20, 2009

A Little of This 'n' That

Hello All!

Sorry the posts have been slow lately, I haven't been doing much that's worth blogging about! I'm hoping to change that today. I've got a few ideas floating around in my head, now I just have to pick one and get started!

Yesterday my Mother and I went to Petoskey for the day. The picture above is one I took of a house there that I just love. She had to pick up some fabric she ordered in at Joanns and I wanted to check out some of their yarn that was on sale. I got two balls of this, one in Bubblegum and the other in Turquoise. I don't have any plans yet for them, but I'm working on it!

I started working on this which is the Seamless Yoked Sweater from here, done in white Bernat Softee Baby. If it works out, it will be the sweater for my sister's co-worker's baby. I was looking for some cute duckie buttons while away, but couldn't find quite what I wanted, so I'm settling for some plain white ones. I'm sure they will look cute once their sewn on. It was nice to have all that knitting time in the car though, I got quite a bit done on it. I'm hoping I can get it finished before the end of the week, but that just might be wishful thinking.

My Mother's sister is coming down tonight to stay for a few days. She is going to help with some painting and any other things that need to be done around here. She's a good worker, so I'm sure we will be busy this week!! She's also a lot of fun, so I'm really excited she's coming down.

Oh, by the way, our first cake class went quite well last Thursday. I think we are going to learn a lot. I'll leave you with a picture of our cake (we shared working on one since my back was too sore to roll out the fondant).

Happy Knitting!!

P.S. It is starting to feel like summer again here after a very long cold spell!! Thank goodness!!

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