Thursday, May 2, 2013

Happily Ever After and Some Stitching


I'm back after my somewhat long break of not knitting or crocheting.  If you know me, you know that having to stop making things and just rest is not going to last very long.  I have to be doing something at all times.  I'm not good at just sitting still, and I have this urge to make things continually.  So since I couldn't knit or crochet, I tried to think of something else I could do and came up with cross-stitch.  I have done this craft in the past but not recently, and I forgot how fun it is.  I made the above sampler for my cousin Kaitie who is getting married this weekend.  She's a girly girl like me and I thought the 'Happily Ever After' design was perfect for her, plus she loves pink too.  I also did an owl crewel embroidery kit, but I haven't gotten it framed yet, so no pictures.  Now I am working on a sampler from Anna Maria Horner's book 'Anna Maria's Needleworks Notebook.'  It's the same one she is working on that's on the cover.  The candy-like colours against the black background is stunning!

I have gotten back to my yarn crafts again now, although I'm going slow.  I started near the end of last week by knitting a baby hat for this month's Itty-Bitty charity.  My friend Jessica and I did a mini KAL over Ravelry.  It was fun to knit along with a friend, even though we weren't able to knit together in person.  It was the next best thing.

Since then, I've been slowly working on projects and taking lots of breaks to make sure my wrists, hands, and elbows get plenty of rest.  It all seems to be working well.  I've been crocheting a shawl and a baby blanket and knitting a pair of pink socks for a friend.  Today I crocheted up these cute little baby cowgirl boots:

My cousin TL is expecting her fourth baby in June and she gifted me this pattern the other day, so I made up this little pink pair this afternoon.  Now I'm working on a matching cowgirl hat that goes along with it!  The pattern is from The Lovely Crow and I can't say enough good things about these patterns.  They're so well written with detailed directions and helpful pictures as well as links to video tutorials in case you get stuck.  Plus, the patterns are adorable!  They're perfect for that "something cute" for the next baby shower on your calendar.

Well, I should be off to bed now,



  1. Your project outcomes are always lovely, Armida! Embroidery sounds interesting. I have yet to try that. I used to cross st long ago. I have a Hello Kitty project collecting dust at the moment on my nightstand for the girls' bathroom.
    The baby is a great peach. I love how it represents spring. The boots are darling! OMGosh they're too cute.
    I'm glad your hands, wrists, and elbows are getting rest and doing well. Have you ever tried the nylon, crafting gloves? I bought a few pairs from Thermaglove. I found the snugger ones really help my wrists. I even wear the looser pair to bed which helps w/the circulation of my wrists area.

    1. Thanks Stef! Yes, I have finally gotten myself a pair of the gloves to wear and I find they are helping a great deal :)