Wednesday, December 12, 2012



I've had a nice productive weekend and last few days here at my house, so I have some FO's to talk about today.  I finished the Christmas bunting you see above hanging on my TV stand this afternoon.  I had an idea at the beginning of November of what I wanted - 5 little stockings hanging up there to replace the hearts that are usually there, for the holiday season.  After making one stocking from this pattern (which is great by the way), I put it aside to work on Christmas gifts and never got back around to making any more.  So a few days ago, I seen Lucy from Attic24 had wrote up a cute little star pattern and it clicked in my brain that I would do two stockings with a few stars, since I thought I should be able to make them up relatively fast and it wouldn't interfere too much with my holiday crafting.  I made the stripy stocking and the three little stars this afternoon - it was all so fast, and so worth taking that small chunk of time out of my schedule.  I still think I'm going to add a few buttons and maybe a flower to them, but for right now I think they look pretty cute, and they've inspired me to make a bunch more little stars to hang over my desk.  I think they will add just the festive touch it needs.  Since I've been having some difficulty getting into the Christmas spirit this year, I think any little festive touch is a good thing.  I've already got 10 hooked up so far, I'll let you know how the rest of it goes.  They're quite addictive little things to make I have to say.

So with all this productivity that's been going on, here is some of the fruits of my labour:

The December Socks are done.  These ones were a joy to knit as they're for someone very special, plus I'm such a fan of a plain sock.  I find nothing more soothing than knitting round after round after round.

I also made all the pompoms for the Mod Circle Hats and attached them:

And then today, I finished the hair on the fairy and got Mom to do her sweet face - she is the best at embroidery.

She is now ready to be wrapped up and mailed off to the special little birthday girl.  

Speaking of wrapping, that is what I'm off to do now.  I have a couple of packages that need to be mailed tomorrow (hopefully) and I wanted to get the wrapping done tonight.  I hope you've been enjoying these days leading up to Christmas and that you are having a fun time with the holidays.



  1. Your bunting, socks, fairy and hats are beautiful. :) I especially like the socks and the fairy. :) I'm glad you're finding things that brighten the holiday season for you.

  2. You have been busy knitting! Love the doll and the hats. The crochet stars are really cute. I am going to give them a try.

  3. Armida, you make such cute items. I love each and every one of these projects. Their recipients are very lucky and they'll be smiling from ear to ear when they open their presents. You are such a darling.