Friday, December 11, 2009

More Snow, and A Snood

Good Afternoon,

This is what I woke up to yesterday morning! We've gotten even more snow since then. It seems as though it snowed non-stop all day yesterday. Today dawned sunny and bright, which was so nice, it made everything look pretty. However, the wind has picked up now, and is doing a pretty good job of blowing everything around. They're calling for more snow in this area tonight, but I don't think it's going to be much. It looks as though the bulk of the snow is over now. Whew!!

I did get a good portion of knitting done yesterday. I sat next to the fireplace and knit with my little Emmie (the yorkie) on my knee. She was enjoying the heat, just not the parts where I would drop my needle on her! I will hopefully be able to share my progress with you all soon, as well as my surprise! ;-) Oh how I love surprises! How about you??

On another note, if you haven't already, you need to pop on over to Susan B. Anderson's blog and check out her giveaway (there's still time to enter, but be quick as it ends tomorrow!) as well as the pictures of her wearing her Snooty Snood by Gina Hills, she's written a great post about it. I just love to see knitters so enthusiastic about a project they've made! To me, that's what knitting is all about! She's seriously convinced me to consider purchasing this pattern and yarn to make one too. It looks like a great project and I'm sure it would come in super handy with all this snow we've gotten! You can purchase both the pattern and the yarn together here from Loops, or download it here from Ravelry. This would also make a great gift for a special someone on your Christmas list, that is, if you can part with it!

Well, I should be getting back to my task at hand, which is making maple caramel popcorn which needs to be done very soon! Have a great day everyone, and keep warm!!

P.S. Check out Susan's fingerless gloves, I can't wait till the pattern for them comes out, they are adorable!!

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