Saturday, December 21, 2013

Holiday Bustle

Hello dear blog readers,

Today is going to be a bit of a random post.  I thought it the best way to write one this morning since I'm feeling pressed for time but yet I still wanted to post today.  So here it goes!

My Dad made it here safe and sound last night!  He left home a week ago and took his time driving all the way down.  He stopped to visit with family in Michigan and then was going to visit my Uncle in Atlanta, but he was recently sick in the hospital with a bug and was just released but wasn't allowed visitors, so he hopes to see him on his return travels.  He also did some touring and just enjoyed his days, which is wonderful since he hardly ever gets a chance to relax and do things like this.  We were beginning to wonder if he would make it for Christmas, but he surprised us by showing up last evening.  Emmie was beyond excited to see him, it was the cutest thing.  My sister and her husband are flying down tomorrow, so she is going to be even more excited.  She likes to have all her "people" together in one house where she can take care of us all.  She has a big heart and loves each one of us, but her particular favourite is her Uncle J, she just adores him.  I'm excited to see her reaction when he gets here tomorrow.

Today's plan is to finish up some last-minute crafting and to wrap the gifts and get them under the tree. I'm still not feeling particularly Christmasy yet but I hope by listening to some Christmas music and getting things together that I will start to feel like it's really almost here.  I'd also like to bake some sugar cookies, but those may have to wait until tomorrow, we'll see how I am with time today.

Anyways, I should get to it!!  I hope that all is well with you in your part of the world today and that you're enjoying getting ready for this special and magical Holiday Season!!

xoxoxoxox, R


  1. Have a lovely holiday! Glad you're surrounded by loved ones.

    1. Thanks Stefanie, you have a wonderful holiday as well!!