Monday, June 10, 2013

Embroidery Hoop Art


Yesterday was my sister's birthday.  I made her this cute embroidery to hang on her wall as part of her gift.  As soon as I seen the pattern on Etsy from Allys Attic the other day I knew it would be perfect for her.  She is such a beautiful woman both on the inside and the outside, and I thought it was just the thing to remind her to be her own beautiful self.

I enlarged the design by 190% from what came in the pattern so that it would fit nicely inside the 8-inch hoop.  Then I used the window tracing method: you tape the pattern to the window, then tape the fabric on top and trace the design using a fabric pen.
It was a very easy and fun pattern.  I used back stitch for the letters and flower outlines, stem stitch for the flower stems and leaf outlines, satin stitch to fill in the flower petals and leaves, and the ground is running stitch.  

I decided to leave the hoop natural instead of painting it or covering it with ribbon because I wanted the design to be the thing that shines.  I think keeping the hoop plain makes it sort of disappear into the background.  I'm very happy with how it turned out and S seemed to really like it.  I hope it will always bring her a smile each time she sees it.



  1. This is a very sweet gift. The design is simple but says a whole lot. The colors make it clean and fresh.

    1. Thanks Stef! I liked the cleanness of the design too, it makes the message stand out I think.

  2. Nicely done. Have you seen the patterns from Clementine . Christian ladies . I have and are making serval of them . Alice

    1. Thanks Alice!! Yes, I have seen some of the patterns from Clementine, I think I may have to order some, they are so pretty, and the verses are beautiful!