Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bits and Bobs


I've been slacking again on my blog post writing...  Things here have been very busy, and most days I haven't had the energy left in the evening to do much of anything let alone write something that would make sense.  So today I thought I'd just share some pictures with a few words here and there.  I should be able to accomplish that.

The shipping season has started, and on Saturday we seen the first boat go through.  It was the Paul R. Tregurtha, which is my favourite boat.

Over the next few days many more have gone by, and I got some pictures of a couple:

Stewart J. Cort
Edwin H. Gott

We've also had some sweet little deer hanging around the house lately trying to get snacks from what they can reach of the cedar trees.  Here they are taking a nap in the little bush just outside our house.

I did get some knitting done over the weekend.  I made up these little hats for our local hospital's maternity ward.  Well, not the ribbed one, I did that one months ago, but the striped ones are new.

Yesterday I crocheted some pretty spring flowers.  I'm not sure just yet what I am going to do with them, but they sure were fun to make!  I've had an idea of a bunting floating around in my head, so we shall see.

Well, I need to get myself back to work.  I was just taking a coffee break between batches of maple caramel popcorn.  Easter weekend is always our busiest weekend of the whole maple syrup season, so I need to have extra product available for sale.  I hope you all have a lovely day!!


P.S. Thank you all so much for the sweet words and excitedness that you've shared with me, both here in the comments and over on Ravelry, about the finished Granny Patchwork!!  It still hasn't made it onto my bed yet due to an incident involving my little Yorkie, cat pee and my duvet cover.  But in the meantime while everything airs out, I've been using it on my window bench as a lap blanket and have found it to be very snuggly and warm!


  1. Those hats are so cute. Their bright colors make them fun. Cool how you were able to get shots of the deer and they weren't scared at all. I wish it was easy to just pop over to your shop and taste your baking!

    1. I thought the bright stripes on the hats were nice and cheery for new little ones. Yes, the deer here aren't very afraid of us, and they sure are cute! I wish you could pop over and have a sample too :)

  2. Those ships are fascinating! So the ice isn't too thick for them to pass? Your deer look a lot fatter than ours.

    1. The ships really are so amazing and fun to watch! I'm not sure how thick the ice is on the river, but the ice cutters have been working on keeping it broken up enough for the ships to move through. We have had some years where at the end of the season the temperature is so cold that the water around the ships will freeze so fast that the ice cutter can go down one side of the ship and then back up the other side of it to free it from the ice, and the ice on the first side will already be frozen completely. That usually happens at night when it's the coldest, so they will just anchor where they are and wait till morning to try again. This doesn't happen too many times in the spring though because it's usually warmer, which is good.
      Yes, we do have some chubby deer! lol They have been enjoying themselves at people's bird feeders I think :)

  3. I love your pictures Raili! My friends dad was the first mate on the Gott this last fall.

    Heather (heatherg7 on rav)

    1. Thanks Heather :) Wow, that is so neat about your friend's Dad! He would have sailed right by my house all the time!