Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Last Few Days


Our last few days spent in London were filled with a little more sightseeing and shopping of course.  We went to the theatre one afternoon to see Momma Mia, which was wonderful, we also got a chance to tour some of the inside of Buckingham Palace, which was stunning beyond words.  I took some of these pictures below on our way out.  We got to walk through the grounds, they were stunning!  

Before heading back to the hotel, we took a cab to Harrods for tea, that was a fun experience.  They even had their Christmas shop set up, it was so pretty!  

We flew out the next day (with an extra suitcase in tow) and had a really smooth flight.  I took some pictures from the plane window as we were leaving England.  Even from the air it's beautiful!

We had such a wonderful trip, and I hope that you have all enjoyed the pictures along the way.  I hope to go back to England again sometime soon, it was so beautiful and I felt like I fit in there, what could be more perfect than that?


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  1. I'm so jealous you got to see some of the palace! You are too cute.