Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's Started

Good Afternoon Everyone!!

How was your weekend?  Mine was quite nice, got to spend a good amount of time with my family, so that was great!  I even got some time to work on some knitting...yay me!  I've been struggling lately to find time to do any knitting, so I was really excited when I got a chance this weekend. 

I worked on the red charity mittens!!  Ok, I have to be honest, I got confused on the weekend about what day it was, and ended up doing my charity knitting on Saturday instead of Sunday.  But hey, at least I worked on them!!  I finished the top of the second mitten and started on one of the thumbs.  Since these are such a small size, the thumbs really shouldn't take much time at all.  I think I'll have them done for sure next weekend.  Then I'll need to find something new to work on for my next charity project.  I LOVE planning new projects.

Since Fall is here for sure, I've decided to start working on my Christmas gifts.  I've been getting pressure from my family to not make as many time-consuming gifts as last year (I'm guessing they didn't enjoy how stressed out I was?) so I'm working on coming up with new, easier projects.  I want to do some cute knitted ornaments, so I started a few on the weekend. 

The Santa Hat is from the Holiday 2009 Knit Simple magazine, and the Stocking is the Mini Holiday Stockings by Carissa Browning, which you can get on Ravelry - here, or from her blog - here.  These are both super cute, and super quick - just what I need!

Well, I hope everyone is getting a great start to the week!  I'm off to work on some projects!

Talk to you soon!!

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