Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A New Plan


The other day while I was visiting my LYS the owner showed me a pair of thrummed mittens one of her customers had made. Now I had only read about them and seen pictures online, so to put my hand inside and feel how soft and warm they were was quite a thrill! I instantly wanted to make them, but I didn’t know how or think I had the skill to take on such a task.  I put the idea out of my head, and
purchased my other stuff and promply left.  However, the mitten kept popping in my mind over the weekend, so I went to the ravelry site to see if there was a pattern I could look at to convince myself that I could not make these.  I found one....but it turned out not to look to bad.  I like a little learning curve in my knitting, and this looks like it is just the thing.

Back in 2004, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (aka the Yarn Harlot) had a thrum-along on her blog.  I read through it, and figured that I could do this...I'm brave (or at least pretend to be on occasions).  All I had to do now was find some roving, but where would I get that?  I called around, but no one seemed to carry it which dissapointed me terribly!  We live in the north, it gets COLD here!!!  How could no one carry this??  Thrummed mittens should be a staple in every man, woman and child's wardrobe.  Well on Sunday night when I went out for coffee with the owner of my LYS, I happened to mention that I wanted to give these a try but was having a hard time locating the necessary supples.  Well low and behold, she said that she carried everything I would need!  I 'bout jumped out of my chair I was so excited.  So first thing Monday morning (after I had my coffee of course, I can't be expected to pick out nice colours when I can't even see now can I?) I ran out to her shop and bought all this:

Went a little overboard??  I know, but I came up with the perfectly brilliant plan that every person on my Christmas List needs a pair! (see previous comment about staple wardrobe piece)  What could be better than something pretty and practical??  I'm hoping to get started on a pair right soon as I finish these socks...yes I said sister's boyfriend is actually going to get his birthday socks soon...or at least I's amazing what loud voices that roving has! 

 Hope you all are having a happy knitting day!

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